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#Fakenews NYT’s: ”Poverty in Gaza causes war with Israel”…….


It’s why the NYT is considered by many to be ”all the news to wrap fish in”…


Is their wealth disparity in Gaza, yes, but it’s due to the way Hamas runs the Strip. Over all, the Arabs in Gaza are doing fairly well, just that some are doing far better due to clans and tribal allegiances than others. The more connected the Arab, the more likely he will be handed a job and other types of largess. It has nothing to do with Israel which lets it tons of approved goods and material on a daily basis. It’s up to the status quo in the Strip where it ends up.


New York Times Claims Gaza Poverty Causes War With Israel

The claim that poverty in Gaza causes war with Israel is one that theNew York Times seems determined to promote and perpetuate rather than to challenge or question.



By: Ira Stoll/The Algemeiner

One of the ways The New York Times demonstrates bias in news reports from the Middle East is with unstated, and unquestioned, assumptions.


In two recent articles, the assumption is that if economic conditions worsen in the Gaza Strip, the result will be attacks on Israel.


An example comes in this paragraph from a Times dispatch over the weekend:

Already beleaguered by Israel’s decade-old blockade of the Strip, Gazans were made to suffer even more last year when the Palestinian Authority, run by Fatah, imposed harsh new restrictions in a power struggle with Hamas, its archrival. An attempt at reconciliation between the two last fall has since bogged down, and a standoff over salaries and revenue has sent the territory’s economy into free-fall, with many expecting a war with Israel as a result.

The barely unstated assumption here is that economic difficulties in Gaza cause war with Israel. Yet there are at least two big holes in this logic that the Times might discover if it probed more skeptically.


The Wealthy Also Attack Israel


The first logical problem is that Israel’s enemies manage to attack it even when they aren’t suffering economic difficulties. We’ve all seen photos of Saddam Hussein’s luxurious palaces, the product of a regime awash in oil revenues. Yet Saddam’s Iraq launched scud missiles at Israeli civilians.


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