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French president Macron meagers suggestions to modernize Islam in France gets Muslims and hard Left howling…….


If I were calling the shots, I would make it virtually impossible for sharia to thrive in the country…


Islam would be relegated to just another tyrannical ideology in need of debunking, ridicule and it’s members relegated to the periphery of society with the likes of the Neo-Nazis, Marxists and garden variety Socialists. It says a lot about the Left’s revulsion over the entirely moderate approach by Macron vis-a-vis Islam. They are so enraged over these tepid suggestions that it’s almost hilarious.


Macron’s Ideas on Reform of Islam Draw Fire

So far, mired in Brexit controversy, the British government hasn’t started a debate in earnest. But on the other side of the English Channel, French President Emmanuel Macron is proposing a root-and-branch reform of Islam in France — a project being closed watched by the British and by other Europeans.


Macron’s goals, he said, are to preserve “national cohesion” and to counter Islamic fundamentalism. Another key reform goal is to halt the influence of Arab states on France’s 6 million Muslims by way of the funding of mosques and paying clerics.


“Why is the question of funding of Islam central for us? Because today, we know that the funding comes from foreign countries, and it is not desirable to have a religion in France funded by foreign countries who in fact will be defending their interests. And so, it’s a political Islam,” he said.


The plans being considered by the French president — including requiring imams to pass courses on secularism, civil liberties and theology, and the appointment of a chief imam as the sole religious authority over French Muslims — are drawing fire from some socialist politicians and Muslim leaders.


They argue government meddling in the training of Muslim clerics and interference in Islamic religious affairs would undermine the principles of freedom of conscience and the separation of church and state, underpinnings of the French state’s strict brand of secularism known as laïcité, which is enshrined in a 1905 law.


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