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US: Florida mass murderer says ‘demon voices’ told him to do it……..


Complete lunatic…


Florida gunman says ‘demon voices’ told him how to pull off school shooting and police reveal they were called out 39 TIMES to his family home before his mother died last year

  • School gunman Nikolas Cruz, 19, faces 17 counts of premeditated murder – charges that carry the death penalty in Florida and is held without bail 
  • He told authorities that voices in his head told him how to carry out the shooting
  • According to his legal team he suffers from autism, depression and has other significant psychological problems
  • Police were called to his family’s home in Parkland, Florida 39 times since 2010   
  • Calls were for a range of reasons including ‘mentally ill person,’ ‘child/elderly abuse,’ ‘domestic disturbance’ and several others.
  • Cruz’s adoptive mother died in November from pneumonia and her husband died years before of a heart attack
  • Cruz was kicked out of the high school last year for allegedly getting into a fight  
  • A man also reported Cruz to the FBI last year for writing an online post saying he was going to be a shooter  
  • President Trump said in a tweet Thursday morning that there were signs that the shooter was ‘mentally disturbed’ 
  • A thousand people attended an emotional candlelit vigil at the school last night 


The gunman who killed 17 people inside a school in Florida told police he heard voices in his head that gave him instructions for the attack.

The voices were described as ‘demons’ by law enforcement sources, reports ABC News.


And it has now emerged that police were called to Nikolas Cruz’s family’s Parkland home 39 times since 2010, according to police records obtained by CNN.

The sheriff’s office received a range of emergency calls which included: ‘mentally ill person,’ ‘child/elderly abuse,’ ‘domestic disturbance,’ ‘missing person,’ and several others.


Cruz moved in with a friend’s family after his adoptive mother, 68-year-old Lynda Cruz, passed away in November from pneumonia.


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