Sweden: Council of Europe commissioner urges reversal restrictions imposed on asylum seekers…….


Because Sweden’s already open border policies hasn’t ruined itself enough…


Human rights chief ‘concerned’ about Sweden’s asylum laws


The Council of Europe’s rights commissioner has urged Sweden to reverse restrictions imposed on asylum seekers when it reviews its temporary law in 2018.

While commending Sweden’s efforts to help asylum seekers and refugees, particularly at the peak of arrivals in 2015, the Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks said in a report he was “concerned at the restrictions introduced”.


Sweden has registered around 400,000 asylum requests since 2012, or one for every 25 inhabitants, a record in Europe.

Asylum applications, a third of which were from Syrians, hit a peak of 163,000 in 2015.


But to stem the influx of people and ease the strain on accommodation centres, migration offices and social affairs, Sweden in January 2016 reintroduced systematic identity checks on its border with Denmark, as well as a series of restrictions aimed at deterring other migrants.


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