Sweden: Researchers say Muslims withdrawing from society to protect their children against Swedish values…….


That is multiculturalism’s parallel societies which suites the SS Islamomaniacs…


Researchers: Muslims withdraw from society to protect their children against Swedish values.

LINKÖPING According to a dissertation by Afrah Abdulla, a doctor at the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Learning at Linköping University, newly arrived concerns are about the fact that their children will abandon the culture from their home country. Abdulla says that some choose to voluntarily segregate to ensure that their children are raised according to their own rules. 

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  1. I can understand why parents would not want their children to imitate the Swedes in their promiscuity, drinking and immodest clothing. Many Iranian Muslims have embraced Christianity which allows them to live in a modern society without succumbing to the vices of Swedish society. While the Swedes should not allow Muslims to create a separate society, they need to recognize their vices and take responsibility for living in ways that repel conscientious parents of many cultures, not just Muslims.

  2. This hardly matters, since there is no “Sweden” as we once knew it.

    Newly appointed Head of National Heritage Board, a Pakistani with no qualifications. The current Minister for Culture, a Gambian.

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