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Malaysian father murders daughter for reciting Mohamed’s green book wrong…….


A death cult…


Soldier charged with murder of nine-year-old daughter

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A soldier was charged in the Port Dickson Magistrate’s Court today with the murder of his nine-year-old daughter last month.


According to Bernama, Mohammad Abdullah Mohamed, 35, nodded after the charge was read out before magistrate Siti Khariah Abdul Razak, but no plea was recorded.


Mohammad Abdullah is accused of murdering Nur Aina Nabihah at Taman Vista Jaya in Lukut, Port Dickson, between 8.30pm and 11.30pm on Jan 31 this year.


He faces the mandatory death sentence, as provided for under Section 302 of the Penal Code, if found guilty.


The court set March 15 for the mention of the case.


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H/T: Robert Spencer via TROP

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