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Finland: Deported Iraqi asylum seeker murdered in Baghdad, state broadcaster YLE jumps in with activist journalism…….


They sent a well known anti-Israel activist who now works as a journalist for the state broadcaster (Eero Mäntymaa) to Iraq to ”discover more details to the story.


The story, if true, is sad, but it’s not the Finnish government’s fault, the man should have gone elsewhere in his country. There are no easy answers, but again, the best scenario for these (real) refugees/asylum seekers, is for them to be maintained in camps in the region of the fighting, aided, cared for and then repatriated once the fighting stops.


There is no 100% certainty that the man in question wouldn’t have faced a similar situation if he had returned on his own accord after peace broke out in the country. They do not have a civil society as we have in the West. Also, we do not have the capacity to take in every single Iraqi or Arab who wants to declare asylum, so what this all amounts to is a kind of lottery system of who gets in from an emotional perspective, not from sound reasoning based upon reality.


Asylum seeker killed in Iraq weeks after repatriation from Finland

The daughter of deceased asylum seeker Ali is also awaiting deportation back to Iraq with her Finnish-born infants.


Noor odottaa Suomessa käännytytstään. Hänen isänsä tapettiin Irakissa joulukuussa.
Ali’s daughter Noor is still in Finland and also faces a deportation order. Image: Sasha Silvala


It was mid-December in the Iraqi capital. Four shots rang out. Three of them hit a 46-year-old Iraqi man, Ali, eventually killing him.


Just weeks after being deported from Finland, Ali was now dead. According to information obtained by Yle, the man had applied for asylum from Finland but was denied, following which the courts executed his deportation order.


A death certificate issued by a Baghdad hospital listed Ali’s cause of death as three gunshot wounds to the head and body. According to eyewitness accounts provided to Baghdad police, unknown men travelling in a Nissan Navara pickup truck bearing no license plates had opened fire from the vehicle. The incident occurred on Sunday 17 December, 2017.


Last week, the Finnish Immigration Service, Migri issued a report by two researchers, who described the security situation in Iraq as variable but improving. The staffers visited the capital Baghdad from October to November and declared that in spite of violence and kidnappings, the city was safer following the defeat of the extremist group ISIS.


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