Sweden: Police academy in Umeå less than half full, blame bad pay…….


I suspect it’s from other factors as well…


Not wanting to be targets of organized crime (many are Muslim gangs). If they hadn’t spent large portions of the country’s wealth on their humanitarian welfare state (we are the world), they would have decent pay for their cops and less to contend with.


Many hopes at the police school – half of the places are empty

The Police Academy of Sciences in Umeå has fewer students. By the end of the spring term, the plan was that 225 students would start – but it did not even get half.


Police failure in the country has been the subject of much debate, and especially in parts of northern Sweden there is a lack of police . The government decided to increase admission to the Polce Academy of sciences, and it was decided, among other things, that 225 students would begin in Umeå when the spring term began. But after a few weeks, only about 100 remain.


“Bad pay, I think, is the reason and then maybe people do not want to move,” says Davidson Stefanakis, who chose to start the studies.


Even Linus Holmqvist has the same theory.


“It’s impossible to choose where to go or work, many people find it hard to leave their hometown or home city,” he says.


More here in Swedish H/T: Fjordman

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