SS Islam: Iranian ”poobah” calls for unity as it celebrates the 39th year of the Islamonazi re-takeover…….


I say ”re-takeover” due to the fact that the rule of the Shah of Iran was an anomaly in Iranian governmental rule…


Iran has been Islamonazi since the days when the Islamic horde invaded the Bhuddist region, took over the country and converted everyone on pain of death.


Iran’s Hassan Rouhani calls for unity on revolution anniversary

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has called for a “year of unity” as Iran marks the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. The celebrations come just weeks after protests calling for changes in government policy.


Fires burning amid protests


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday called for all people in the country to come together, following protests last month that challenged the government.


In a speech marking the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Rouhani said he wanted the 40th year of the revolution to “be the year of unity.”


“I ask conservatives, reformists, moderates and all parties and all people to come and be together,” he told a huge crowd in the capital, Tehran.


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