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Islam in North America: “Naajis, the impurity of the Jews and infidel”………


‘Naajis’ purity codes is also a Shiite concept as well, as Dr.Andrew Bostom has shown over the years…


Also, one of the Muslim clerics mentioned in this video, Yasir Qadhi while discussing jihad makes the following statements:

”The life and property of a ‘mushriq’ (unbeliever) holds no value in the state of jihad. […] The life and property of a ‘mushriq’ becomes halal, while in the state of jihad.”

Qadhi then quotes the koran where Mohamed states that he has been commanded to fight the unbeliever until they say he’s the prophet of Allah.

“When they say Mohamed is the prophet of allah, their life and property become protected from me.”

This is one of Islamic passages that justifies terrorism, meaning, the terrorism to be employed against the soon to be subjugated populace. Just to show how corrupted Wikipedia is, here’s a quote from their page on Qadhi:

Qadhi is a critic of extremist violence and believes that terrorism is antithetical to Islamic values.

It’s easy to see how the Muslim fundamentalists have infiltrated and subverted our sources for information, as well as news outlets, our governments, academia and societal organizations. Once they get their lies passed off as the official truth, they’re that much closer to winning the game. What the media regularly reports as ”extremism”, is what he (Qadhi) describes as the state of jihad. Terrorism is but a tool in frightening the population into submission.

H/T: Vlad Tepes

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