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Finnish media silent over 18 y/o Italian girl’s brutal murder and dismemberment in Rome by Nigerian illegal immigrant…….


18 yr. old girl brutally dismembered- the media in Finland are silent

Sebastian Tynkkynen (ps), in his Facebook article, recently raised the brutal murder in Rome of which the Finnish media was silent. An African immigrant is imprisoned as the suspect.

Tynkkynen writes:


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“The police arrested a Nigerian illegal migrant as a suspect in the cruel murder of the 18-year-old Roman (pictured). Italian media told how the girl’s head was cut off, the breasts and then the hands and feet that were still split into two parts. The dismembered girl was put in two suitcases.
I tried to find the main or minor headlines from Finnish media right after the event. I did not find any, even though the whole world was shocked by the incident and caused tremendous horror in Italy.


More here in Finnish

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