Buffoonery Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

New ‘brainiac’ Finnish Minister of the Interior Mykkänen (Kok) would raise the number of quota refugees ten-fold……


Refusing reality, he then replaces it with his own…


Turning a blind eye to everything that’s happened since the Islamic hijra, and especially where these migrants have been concentrated, this hack insists that we should have more of them, much more. He’s insane. We are under no moral obligation to import anti-Western elements into the country, let alone migrants highly likely to be Jew haters as well. If Finland is serious about its commitment to ”Never Again”, it has to reign in this bureaucrat and others like him.


New Interior Minister Mykkänen will up to ten times the number of quota refugees to Finland

“Now people who are seeking security have the money and the ability to move,” says Kai Mykkänen (National Coalition) who started his position on Monday to the Uutissuomalainen.


Maanantaina sisäministerinä aloittava Kai Mykkänen (kok) laittaisi pakolaispolitiikan remonttiin Euroopan tasolla.


According to Kai Mykkänen , the number of quota refugees could be up to tenfold. In recent years, Finland has taken 750-1,050 quota refugees per year.


Mykkänen who was interviewed by Uusisuomalainen, does not suggest that Finland alone would start expanding its quota to this level. According to him, there is a need for a Europe-wide solution, in which queuing would be the primary way to seek security.

– If an extensive European solution were to be found, for Finland it would be up to ten times the present amount.

According to Mykkänen, the problem is not the number of asylum seekers, but of who is in need of asylum.

– There is a need to find less bad arrangements than people have to be smuggled into Europe and after that they are traveling around different countries. Now people seeking security who have the money and ability to move, Mykkänen says to the Newswoman.

I starts his new position tomorrow on Monday. From 2016 onwards, he has been Minister for Foreign Trade and Development but becomes Minister of Internal Affairs. He stresses in the interview that he respects the government’s line, and does not drive the volumes without the involvement of other countries.



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