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German ARD journalist’s Cuban trained ”extremism-expert” handler advised not talking with Tommy Robinson in Cottbus…….


Yeah, these are the kinds of Marxist buffoons the West has leading the media around by the snout…



Feeling safe that our media gate keepers have our backs, that they’re safeguarding our most sacred of liberties? Lol! Looks like Olaf Sundermeyer learned a lot about communications while in Cuba, how to squelch free speech and ‘guide the public’.


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Cottbus: “right-wing extremism expert” manages ARD reporter



“Rebel Media” reporter Tommy Robinson was in Cottbus on February 3 to shoot a video of the “Future Homeland” demonstration, in which some 5,000 patriotic citizens opposed “asylum” insanity, the excesses of violence by “refugees” and progressive Islamization, took to the streets.


An army of journalists escorted the protest, describing the people protesting as the usual as “right-wing extremists”, “Alien enemies”, “xenophobes”, “Nazis”, “deportees” or other similar defamation.


When Robinson approached the reporters and asked them how they are going to classify the demonstrators, a man came from the background, apparently pulling the strings in the media pack. When the ARD reporter wanted to answer Robinson, he suggested no by shaking his head. He kept his smartphone high, presumably to make a sound recording.


When Robinson became aware of this whisperer, he questioned him and he disappeared into the background. This revealing scene is in the video, which translated Lutz Bachmann in German and published PI-NEWS on Friday , from minute 4:30 to see:



This ominous figure is the supposed “right-extremist expert”, Olaf Sundermeyer. A journalist who is often invited to the big talk show on GEZ radio to “prove” how patriotic citizens, activists and politicians are supposed close to the “Nazis”.


Sundermeyer seems to have a profound socialist education behind him, for he studied communication sciences in Cuba. His regular editorial office is since 2012 the broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), which is next to the WDR one of the darkest red broadcasters of the left-turning media landscape.


One of Sundermeyer’s publications bears the false and slanderous title “PEGIDA and the right-wing radicalization – Observations of a misanthropic movement” . With this defamation, he also tours as a lecturer through Germany , supported by the SPD-affiliated Friedrich Ebert Foundation:

Olaf Sundermeyer, publicist and co-author of the anthology “Rage, Contempt, Devaluation.” Edited by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Right-wing populism in Germany “, gives an overview of the developments of these movements, which in the past few months have developed in numbers, but in many places have also radicalized their content.



It is these left-wing alleged “journalists” of the sort of Bezler and Sundermeyer who have consistently infiltrated our media landscape in half a century since the onset of the disastrous 68-year-old movement. The formation of opinions has drifted ever further to the left in this way. But as Tommy Robinson says in his video, they are losing more and more of their interpretive power. The citizens wake up and realize that they are lied with falsely left-wing ideological propaganda from top to bottom. Drastically falling circulation numbers and falling ratings prove that the era of socialist media sovereignty comes to an end. And that’s just as well.



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