Amnesty International Finland School children manipulation

Finland: Amnesty International allowed to spread political propaganda in schools, wanted students to petition president to approve trans-law…….


Radical Leftist indoctrination of school children…


The teachers/those responsible for allowing this to happen should be held accountable and reprimanded. And A.I., still being run by Frank ‘Scum-gate- Johansson should be banned from any school premises.



Amnesty Spreads Political Propaganda in Schools: Leads Students to Petition Prime Minister’s to Approve Trans-legislation

The National Board of Education adopted a political opinion for children aged 13 and 14, which is linked to the teaching of their Finnish language studies.


The junior high school in Nöykkiö, Espoo, recently offered a special writing assignment for children aged between 13 and 14 years old. The Finnish as a freechoice topic was assigned a task in which the school student would write to the Finnish Prime Minister a letter in favour of reforming the socalled Trans-law.


According to the writing assignment, the prime minister would be told why the author of the letter is shocked by the way in which trans people are treated and that the rights of trans people are not respected.


Writing assignment: Ask for an end in age restrictions


The writing task is to tell the prime minister how the author wants the Finnish government to renew the trans-law so that the age limit is abandoned and that “legal and medical gender reassignment be separated from each other.”


Under current legislation, changing the sex identification of an identity card requires, inter alia, maturity, medical diagnosis, and to undergo surgery so that reproduction is impossible.


Those who call on the changing of the  trans-law call it a forced sterilization. However, the argument is flawed, because infertility is just the inevitable consequence of surgical treatments, and no one can be forced to undergo surgery.


The purpose of the current legislation has been to prevent conflicting situations which could lead, for example, to the fact that a woman who has changed her sex to a man, would give birth to a child.


Emily Hämäläinen , Assistant Professor of Nöykkiö School, Emily Hämäläinen , of the Finnish Language and Literature , explains that the idea behind writing is based on the NGO Amnesty International.


– Amnesty has first contacted the National Board of Education. The question here is a petition letter for schoolchildren, whose writing has been voluntary. The assignment was a writing exercise, and the letter was not obliged to send the letter to the Prime Minister.


Young schoolchildren, however, hardly have the capacity to evaluate the theme behind the assignment.


– That’s true, I wondered about this myself, Hämäläinen admits.


Huhtasaari: Keep Amnesty and Seta (Gay rights org) away from the schools


In recent years, the National Board of Education has astounded the people with their gender-neutral policies. Certain non-governmental organizations, such as Amnesty, have also, with the approval of the National Board of Education, been able to introduce to children in schools political orientations. Such action can understandably divide opinions.

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