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US to sanction Iranian backed Heznazis, Omri Ceren warns of ”Iran prioritizing financial backing for militant activities”…….


WaPo: US trying to use sanctions to strangle Hezbollah but “must grapple,.. with the fact that Iran and Hezbollah may prioritize financial backing for militant activities even when overall resources decline.” Iran putting its nuclear deal windfall to use

United States unveils sanctions designed to strangle Iranian-backed Hezbollah

 February 2

The Trump administration on Friday slapped new sanctions on individuals and businesses suspected of links to Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group the White House is hoping to isolate in its bid to curtail Iran’s influence across the Middle East.


The Treasury Department announced the measures against six people and seven businesses based in Lebanon, Iraq and West Africa,  a move officials described as a first step in a wave of actions targeting the group’s licit and illicit financial networks.


The sanctions come as the Trump administration seeks to intensify its response to Iran’s support for armed groups from Lebanon to Syria to Yemen, which the United States has long complained have attacked American interests and allies, and posed a major threat to Gulf nations.


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