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UK: Somali facing deportation from Sweden sneeks in, Brits left to foot the bill…….


We are such saps…


Anger as British taxpayers are left footing the bill for Somali teen, 17, who lost asylum bid in Sweden after he was caught at Heathrow trying to smuggle himself into Canada

  • Youth was facing deportation from the Scandinavian country when he turned 18
  • He planned to submit another asylum application when he arrived in Canada
  • The boy says he fled his country of birth after he deserted from the army
  • Youth court heard he was forced to join because his father was in a rebel group
  • Tory MP warned UK is seen as a ‘soft touch’ and said youth should be ‘kicked out’ 

The teenager was caught trying to use a passport in someone else's name at Heathrow Terminal 2 (pictured) as he tried to secure passage from Sweden too Canada 


British taxpayers will pick up the tab after a 17-year-old asylum seeker was caught attempting to use another person’s passport to secure passage from Sweden to Canada.


The Somalian teenager faced being thrown out of the Scandinavian country, where he had been living for two-and-a-half years, when he turned 18 after his application to stay in the country permanently was refused.


The boy was caught trying to use another person’s passport at London’s Heathrow Airport and will be detained in a Youth Offenders’ Institute for three months.


The teenager, who claims he fled Somalia after deserting from the army, was trying to get to Canada to make an asylum application there, according to the Daily Express.


The youth will now be detained for three months before serving the rest of his sentence on licence and is allowed to apply for asylum when released.

Philip Davis called for the teenager to be ‘kicked out of the country at the first opportunity’


TaxPayers’ Alliance chief executive John O’Connell said it was disappointing that taxpayers are required to foot the bill.

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