Finland: Kurdish protesters interrupt parliament for the first time in memory, MP’s stunned: “There’s never been a demonstration here before”…….


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Parliamentary Security Director on the Extraordinary Incident during Question Time: “There’s never been a demonstration here before”

Thursday 8.2.2018 at 19.11

14 protesters interrupted the Question Time period of Parliament on Thursday. The demonstration rattled on for a minute.


  • Parliamentary Security Director Jukka Savola considers the interruption of the Question Hour to be extraordinary.
  • According to Savola, the group was not able to predict in advance their intentions of an unrestricted conduct.
  • There was not a security threat.


14 protesters interrupted the Question Time of Parliament on Thursday.


The first Question Hour in Thursday’s parliamentary session was suspended on Thursday, when about 16.40 in the Chamber’s public gallery rose a group of people who waved the yellow flags of the Kurdish Independence Party and shouted slogans against the terrorist organization ISIS.


The flags of the demonstrators had the images of imprisoned Kurdish President Abdullah Öcalan .


The Question Hour was interrupted when the MPs turned to see the events in the gallery. Just before the incident MPs and ministers had discussed the desolation of the fate of rural residential areas.


Parliamentary ushers interrupted the protest quickly and directed the demonstrators out of the gallery. Officers were forced to use force in the situation as well.


– One person put a little bit on the floor, Parliamentary Security Director Jukka Savola said soon after the situation.


According to Savola, there were 14 protesters. They came to watch the Question Time just a moment before the start of their demonstration.


– In their view, Finland has sold arms to ISIS, who is their enemy, Savola told about the motives of protesters.


– How did this sale happen, is really beyond me.


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