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Tablet: Europe’s Disregard For Christian Persecution ‘Almost Sinister’…….


Just ask the Maronite Christians of Lebanon what they think of post-Christian/post-Enlightenment, Europe…


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Europe’s Disregard For Christian Persecution ‘Almost Sinister’


Europe’s disregard for Christian persecution ‘almost sinister’


A new and aggressive form of atheism which links religion with lack of liberty and oppression has led to a selective interpretation of human rights in which religious freedom counts for little, Bishop Manfred Scheuer of Linz, in Upper Austria, has said.


In his sermon at an ecumenical service at the Linz Coptic-Orthodox church in the Week of Christian Unity, Bishop Scheuer said: “Political correctness does not want to know anything about the ongoing persecution and suppression of Christianity and so it is being ignored in an almost sinister way.”


In view of such widespread indifference, opposition was called for, he emphasised, recalling that about one in 10 Christians in the world today is being discriminated against or persecuted. “That is more than 200 million people in 60 countries. But what does Europe care?” asked Bishop Scheuer.


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