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Pakistan: Female rights activist sues person who accused her of blasphemy…….


Whether she did or didn’t is of no significance to me, that she is fighting against the charge, in that she didn’t do it, mirrors exactly what’s taking place in supposed modern day liberal Europe.


I gladly mock Islam, as well as the morons who adhere to that 7th century totalitarian ideology. Not because I have nothing else better to do, but that I’m morally compelled to do so. That they’re offended by it is of no moral significance to me whatsoever, because what they believe, promote and insist that I submit myself to, is so morally repugnant, disgusting and an anathema to what I believe, that it’s not even close to being a dilemma. If you believe as I do, in true representative pluralist government based upon Enlightenment philosophy, you must fight back.


NOTE: I view Islam in the very same light as the other totalitarian ideologies of the past century and a half, Communist Socialist Marxism, and National Socialist Fascism. There is absolutely no difference between these tyrannies, they all end in subjugation, murder and soulless anthill societies.


Female Pakistani Activist Pushes Back Against Blasphemy Charges

A female Pakistani rights activist has broken with tradition and set a precedent by seeking legal action against the person who accused her of violating the country’s anti-blasphemy laws.


Gulalai Ismail, founder of the Pakistan-based, nongovernment organization Aware Girls, was accused of insulting the religion of Islam, a charge she denies.


Hamza Khan, 23, a student from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, started a social media campaign against Gulalai, accusing her of “insulting religion and Pashtun culture.” He seemingly was unhappy with her role as an activist.


Khan, who claims to be the president of Mardan Youth Parliament, uploaded a 12-minute video on his Facebook page, November 20, 2017, in which he called for a mob to attack Gulalai for her alleged acts of blasphemy.


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