Islam in Denmark MUSLIM SETTLERS

Denmark: Migration situation so bad even SDP MP’s are insisting on cap for non-Western (Muslim) asylum seekers…….


And in Finland, pseudo conservative dimwit, Kai Mykkänen (Kok.), Trade and Development minister wants to import these people straight from the camps, instead of keeping them there along with some financial help to lessen their burden on the state hosting them.


Denmark’s Social Democrats want to cap ‘non-Western’ asylum seekers

Denmark’s Social Democrats, part of the left-wing opposition and the country’s largest party, on Monday proposed slashing the number of “non-Western” foreigners allowed into the EU member state.
Denmark's Social Democrats want to cap 'non-Western' asylum seekers

“We want to introduce a cap on the number of non-Western foreigners who can come to Denmark,” Social Democrats leader Mette Frederiksen said in a 44-page document which focused in particular on asylum seekers from Africa.


“We want to reform our asylum system, among other things, by setting up reception centres outside Europe, and in the future it will not be possible for refugees to obtain asylum in Denmark outside quotas set by the United Nations,” she added.


The proposed reform would have asylum seekers who come “spontaneously” to Denmark sent to a reception centre in a country outside Europe, for example in North Africa, while their case is being examined.


Should an asylum seeker’s application be granted by Danish authorities, the person would still not be allowed to enter Denmark.


The refugees would instead stay in the transit country where the application was processed under the protection of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and Denmark would pay for the expenses of covering their needs.


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