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Swedish Security Service kept tabs on Stockholm Islamonazi terrorist until three months before ramming attack…….

 Here is Kent Ekeroth SD (who I know personally) in the Swedish parliament back in 2013 demanding to know why Sweden hasn’t deported dangerous migrant criminals.


Säpo stopped investigating Akilov three months before attack

Rakhmat Akilov was on the security police radar.


But the investigation was completed just under three months before the Terror Council on Drottninggatan.


Now, in a recent report, the Ministry of Justice proposes several measures in the fight against terror.


“If a rapid expulsion can be made for a potential terrorist, this is obviously a way to eliminate the threat.”


The Justice Department has examined Säpos’s handling of Rakhmat Akilov , who was charged with the truck attack in Stockholm on Tuesday, April 7, 2017. Aftonbladet has taken note of the report.

Säpos’s investigation of Akilov began on August 31, 2016 after interesting notifications came in.

The so-called retrieval was terminated on January 19, 2017 – about the time when Akilov seriously began planning the attack on Drottninggatan.

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