Sweden: Major operation, armed police guarding all police stations in Malmö……


Because Sweden’s experiment in multiculturalism has been such an amazing success story…


Back in 2009 I visited Malmö with a few friends of mine during one of the ‘Counter-Jihad’ conferences I had attended. I warned back then that:

“If the pattern is left unchanged, the shift in Swedish society will not be just limited to the Malmö area, but in time, spread to other areas of Sweden when the migration begins.”

What I witnessed in Malmö then, has already spread to the area of Stockholm. Islamization, Muslim gangs, rapes and other types of violence are not just a ‘Malmö thing’ anymore, it’s spread. Now they’re forced to safeguard their police stations in Malmö due to having come under repeated attacks (attempts at driving them out). That too will spread to other parts of Sweden, it’s just a matter of time.


In Malmo, a large police operation – armed police guarded all police stations

There is a major police operation in Malmö. All of the city’s police stations are guarded by heavily armed police officers carrying full riot gear and protective equipment. According to the police, this is a special precaution, as the police are in several operations in the (criminal) underworld. 


Malmö’s police spokeswoman, officer Anna Göransson said in a statement that the police are going through a few operations, but do not go further on what it’s all about. Guarding the police stations is said to be a special precaution and a sensitive one.


H/T: PT-Media

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