Fighting Back Finland

Finland: Rebel Migrant wants to take Finland back from the brink, confront Muslims about their anti-Western mindset…….


I’ll give him a shot…


It’s a brave man who wants to take on the status quo, I wish him all the best. Truth be told, people such as Rebel Migrant are not the problem, the anti-Western migrants he’s confronting, as well as the establishment elite which buries their collective heads into the sand…are.


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  1. This guy appeared on the web just a few weeks ago, has now two YouTube videos and a Facebook page.

    He´s gained quite a lot of support already. BUT, why is he talking to Finns as a target audience, and not to Arabs in Arabic…? This is something that bothers me a bit. Lot´s of words, like fishing popularity… Who is he really and what is he actually doing? Of that, we know nothing. Wouldn´t buy a pig in a poke.

    Sorry, but needed to say this aloud.

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