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Egyptian state frees 19 Muslims who attacked Coptic church, fines Coptic priest for running an unlicensed church’…….


No rights under Islam for the unbeliever…


If you can’t do it legally, then the priest is obviously left with few alternatives…


H/T: Robert Spencer: 

Islamic law forbids Christians to build new churches: “The subject peoples … are forbidden to build new churches.” (Reliance of the Traveller, o11.5). Islamic law also forbids Christians to repair old ones. And so in this case, the Muslims who attacked the church get off scot-free, while the Christian who set up the unlicensed church is fined.

Egypt issues suspended sentence to 19 over church attack

Associated Press, January 31, 2018:

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court has sentenced 19 Muslim defendants to a one-year suspended sentence for attacking an unlicensed church south of Cairo.


Wednesday’s sentence was handed down in Atfih misdemeanor court. The defendants will not have to serve prison time unless they get into trouble again.


Separately, a Coptic Christian defendant was fined 360,000 Egyptian pounds (about $20,383) for setting up the unlicensed church.


The incident took place Dec. 22 when dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the building and stormed it. They destroyed the church’s contents and assaulted Christians inside before security forces arrived and dispersed them….


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