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‘The Gorka’ on Rebel Media: ”The Obama admin illegally acquired a warrant to secretly spy upon a US citizen working for the Trump campaign”…….


That is in essence how the entire Dossier/Trump World/Mueller investigation all came about…


The Democrats were using banana-republic tactics to hedge their bets on Trump losing the election, when that failed, they would use it to hamper his presidency, and if their luck held, at least impeach him, and if they won both houses back, remove him from office. This scandal involved top democrat politicians, bureaucrats including Obama who had to have known about it and his top law enforcement officials as well, within the admin and in the justice depts.


Dr. Gorka: “Remember THESE three names” as Obama-gate scandal unfolds


The Obama administration illegally acquired a warrant to spy upon a US citizen working for the Trump for President Campaign.


I distill the essence of the newly released memo and tell you about key players whose names will be important to remember as you navigate through the malfeasance of “Obama-gate.”


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