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Hannity: Nancy Pelosi BEGS Paul Ryan to STOP Memo Release……


The rats are nervous that the greatest political scandal to ever hit the US is about to break…


The circle nerds of the Finnish press corps haven’t a clue as to what’s about to break, and to ruin the entire narrative that they’ve been posting since the meme of ”Russian collusion” was first uttered. Hilarious.


PELOSI PANIC: Nancy BEGS Paul Ryan to STOP Memo Release

posted by Hannity Staff

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was in full-fledged panic mode earlier Thursday, demanding Speaker of the House Paul Ryan remove Devin Nunes from his position just hours before the House Intelligence Committee is set to release the controversial FISA memo to the general public.


Pelosi posted her incendiary letter to Speaker Ryan on social media, saying Nunes’ “deliberately dishonest actions make him unfit to serve” and called for his “immediate removal” from the Committee.


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  1. Aside from all the toddler angry faces engraved on the so-called Democrat Party members at the SOTU, their most hilarious moment was their scurrying out at the end. The vet same behavior, in fact, I personally observed in my major city apartment when turning on the light at night in my kitchen as things ran for cover. Such infantile behaviors. All of that demonstrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of a more vicious form of predatory cockroaches.

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