Fighting Back Iran

Iran: Women protest hijab as defiant headscarf demonstrations spread…….


If the Nobel Peace Prize has any moral value left, they would give it to these Iranian women…


Iranian women protest hijab as defiant headscarf demonstrations spread

‘Her message is clear, girls and women are fed up with forced [hijab]. Let women decide themselves about their own body’


At least six women in Iran have been pictured protesting the obligatory Islamic headscarf by publicly taking off their hijabs and waving them on sticks.


Videos and photos shared widely on Facebook and Twitter showed the women purportedly following the lead of a woman who was arrested for a similar demonstration last month.


The 31-year-old protester known as the “Girl of Enghelab Street,” later identified as Vida Movahed, took off her headscarf on a street in the capital Tehran.


She was detained for several weeks before being released from custody.


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