Islamic terrorism Jihad MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Sweden: Islamonazi truckramming murder made jihad video: ”It’s time to kill”…….


You can bet it featured a koran followed by an allahu akbar…


‘It is time to kill’: Stockholm attacker made terror video

Rakhmat Akilov recorded a video on his mobile phone in which he said “it is time to kill”, hours before carrying out last year’s truck attack in central Stockholm, prosecutors revealed on Tuesday.

The video came a day after Akilov had sent another video to a contact in which he pledged allegiance to the terror group Islamic State (Isis).


The videos form part of a mass of evidence collected during the investigation, which Hans Ihrman, the lead prosecutor in the case, argued on Tuesday left little doubt that Akilov’s intention was to terrorize the Swedish population.


“He wanted to punish Sweden for taking part in the global coalition against IS,” Ihrman said, adding that the evidence suggested that Akilov had been a supporter of Islamic terror long before the attack.


Ihrman handed the indictment to Akilov in prison at 10am on Tuesday, after which he held a press conference to explain the charges.

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