Finland: Asylum suicide reports numbering around 700 so far…….


Sad, but not our problem…


Asylum self-harm


HS follows up on the news that an asylum seeker had died at the detention unit at Joutseno reception centre on Monday with a look at the broader statistics on self-harm at such centres. The paper found that in 2017, the Immigration Service received more than 700 reports of self-harm, threatened self-harm or suicide concerns.


That is well up on the figure for 2016, when around 140 similar reports were made. Campaigners claim that residents at the Metsälä and Joutseno detention units find it very difficult to see a doctor to have their concerns dealt with. Reception centre workers share similar concerns about mental health issues.


“On a general level I can say that, whether asylum seekers are in detention or not, depression is widespread,” said Jari Kähkönen, who heads up the Joutseno centre.


Asylum seekers are moved to detention units prior to deportation if their claims are rejected.



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