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Father who helped rape and strangle own daughter in honor murder dies during operation……..


Remember, the Sunni Pakistani state refused to convict this piece of crap…


Revealed: Father who ‘helped rape and strangle’ his British beauty therapist daughter in ‘honour killing’ died in Pakistan from a heart attack after complications from gastric band op

  • Samia Shahid, 28, had ‘dishonoured’ family by divorcing Mohammed Shakeel
  • She then infuriated relatives by getting wed again after a secret divorce
  • Her father Muhammad arrested over his daughter’s murder but later released
  • He died in Pakistan days before a BBC show on her death was due to be aired
Samia Shahid (pictured), 28, was raped and strangled in an alleged honour killing
Samia Shahid (pictured), 28, was raped and strangled in an alleged honour killing

The father of a British beauty therapist who was raped and strangled in an alleged honour killing suffered a fatal heart attack after complications with gastric band surgery, a family friend has revealed.


Muhammad Shahid’s health had drastically deteriorated since the brutal death of his daughter Samia Shahid in Pakistan in July 2016 and his arrest over her murder.


The former chip shop owner, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, passed away on Sunday just two days before a harrowing BBC documentary about beauty therapist Samia’s death was due to be screened.

Neighbours believe the strain of the police investigation, the loss of his daughter, weight related problems and the BBC set to unmask him as a wicked father through the eyes of her second husband finally took its toll.


A woman who works at Samia’s uncle’s florists – opposite the family’s large detached home in the suburb of Manningham – told MailOnline: ‘Samia’s father died on Sunday from a heart attack in Pakistan where he had been staying following his release by police.

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