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Israeli undercover journalist Zvi Yehezkeli: ‘In 10 years, the Muslim Brotherhood will dictate the tone’ (in Europe)…….


This is the journalist who went undercover as an Arab Muslim Palestinian in the heart of Europe, finding out just how much the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic fundamentalist groups are intertwined in those societies.


‘In 10 years, the Muslim Brotherhood will dictate the tone’

Popular Arab affairs correspondent Zvi Yehezkeli went undercover in Muslim pockets in Europe to film the “quiet bomb” – his name for the expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood – from a Muslim perspective • “ISIS is a pimple; Muslim Brotherhood is cancer.”

Eran Swissa



As mentioned, Yehezkeli has been working on his undercover show over the last year. The show was filmed in several Arab countries and in Europe, and it follows the Muslim Brotherhood, which Yehezkeli calls “radical Islam’s largest ever infrastructure.”


One of the running themes of the show is a secret report, obtained by Yehezkeli, detailing the Muslim Brotherhood’s growing influence in France. “The bottom line is that this report is telling the French, ‘Guys, you have a time bomb on your hands.’


“Everyone tells me the bomb is ISIS, because what could possibly be more dangerous than those lunatics? But I try to explain that there is a new kind of bomb – a quiet bomb. I realized that there is a big thing that the world doesn’t yet understand. Even a google search of the term Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t turn up very much about them. Thankfully, the heads of the network and the news department were with me.”


Q: When do you think this thing will erupt?


“A senior defense official told me recently that ISIS is a pimple and the real cancer is the Muslim Brotherhood. But in their case, it won’t erupt like ISIS. It will be quiet. They will slowly take the keys from the important people. If it’s not done peacefully, they will do it by force. But in the meantime, everything is under the surface. They have a clear strategy, and the endgame is conquest. I’m not saying they will take over the U.S., but there will be countries like Denmark, Belgium and France – they will control them.”


Q: What’s your worst-case scenario forecast?


“In 10 or 20 years, some of the European countries will be home to an Islamic movement that will ‘only’ serve as kingmaker in local elections. But it will be so influential in the general population that it will dictate the tone in everything it wishes. Right now, all this movement wants are simple things, like budgets, education and prosperity. The French are telling them, ‘keep it going and we won’t say a word.’ But no one is checking the curricula in the Muslim schools. No one is checking to see if they are teaching tolerant Islam or the kind of Islam that takes over and controls others. They are not asking what kind of Islam they are building, and that is certainly something that should be asked.”


Q: You focus mainly on the French. Is it because you feel that they are particularly complacent?


“They are naive and innocent. If they come to terms with what is happening there, it will force them to take combative action, but they prefer to live in an atmosphere of peace. A gradual process is more dangerous than a surprise attack. The world is afraid of wars. Give the French their croissant and they will sit quietly.


“But let me take you to the suburbs, just a half hour from Paris. I was there for two weeks and I didn’t speak a word of French the entire time, only Arabic. No one asks you questions. You don’t feel like a foreigner. In the cafes, women and men are segregated. It feels exactly like being in a real Muslim country.”


Q: What is the real problem with the Muslim Brotherhood?


“The fact that they are intolerant of anyone else. They don’t accept the notion that there is any other just path. They view everyone as infidels and disregard all else. And most importantly, they believe that every Muslim is a messenger whose job is to spread the caliphate. If it failed in Iraq and in Syria, it will happen in France. It’s like a slow collision, and when the time comes to stop them, it may be too late.”


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