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Former Finnish Police Chief warns Finland to be prepared, situation not much different from Sweden’s…….


It’s what we’ve been warning about for years, and all we’ve gotten in return is either silence, or vitriol followed by criminal charges for incitement against an ethnic group.


Ex-police chief on Swedish gang violence: “Clearly immigration is not controlled – Finland needs to be prepared”

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Former Police Director Mikko Paatero estimates on his blog that the causes of Swedish gang violence are the failings to handle immigration. Paatero compares the situation with Finland.




Concern over the severe gang violence has caused discussion in Sweden early in the year. In the first week of the year, four people died in Sweden in gang shootings. The grenades used by gangs were talked about when a bystander died in an explosion near Stockholm, apparently picking up the hand grenade from the ground three weeks ago. Over 300 shootings occurred in Sweden last year.


Paatero deems news of recent times as alarming. According to Paatero, the attacks and threats against the police have increased dramatically in Sweden, and the police are no longer in a popular job. He points out that a massive police recruiting campaign is under way in Sweden with a significant additional funding from politicians.


– Grenade attacks, the intensification of organized crime, the existence of parallel societies raises concerns. It is noted that there are fewer than 1000 young men in Sweden who belong to criminal networks and are able to use a firearm. Although the figure is considered great there’s not much difference between the Finnish situation, Paatero writes in a post on his blog.


In his blog, Paatero refers to the immigrant-intensive problem neighborhoods, which have also informally went by the term of “no go areas”.  In 2015  , the Swedish police have listed a total of 15 residential areas, which make it difficult for the authorities to act in the face of local criminal organizations and public authorities.


In recent years, the Swedish police have increased their presence in these areas, but according to Paatero, they still go into these regions largely “in a large group, because they are openly hostile towards the police.”


“This development has not happened in Sweden suddenly but over the years ,” Paatero writes.


-It started in the 90’s and as immigration has increased, it has been increasing all the time. In Sweden, there is clearly no control over the huge immigration wave that has come.


More here at US ( in Finnish)

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