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Finland: YLE’s politicized headline on reelected Czech president: ‘Russian-minded’ Miloš Zeman reelected to 2nd term…….


There’s no way around it, the state broadcaster YLE interjects politics in its news reporting…


That’s the headline the state funded gatekeeper gave the story about this Czech president being reelected to office. They’re painting him a Russian stooge, though he’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd a Czech patriot. Being anti-EU does not automatically make him pro-Russian. This is the highly disingenuous false dichotomy they’re using to paint anyone who’s anti-EU, that they’re really a Putin stooge.



In Finnish here.


NOTE: The facts are, most hate the EU for being the liberty crushing agency that it is. I care not for either the EU or its ideological cousin the Russian federation.

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