Jihad Watch: 71 y/o pensioner facing possible jail time because he criticized a supremacist ideology…….


Guess which one..?


Sweden: 71-year-old man prosecuted for “hate speech” for criticizing Islam

Because of Muslim migrants, Sweden has a skyrocketing crime rate, and some heavily Muslim areas are practically war zones. And this what they’re prosecuting.


“71-year-old Denny called out Islam for being a ‘fascist ideology’ – prosecuted for hate speech,” translated from “71-årige Denny kallade islam för ”fascistisk ideologi” – åtalas för hets mot folkgrupp,” Samhällsnytt, January 25, 2018:

The 71-year-old read the Quran and wanted to share his perspective of Islam. Now he’s being interrogated by the Swedish police and has to answer general questions regarding his stance towards Muslims. In the end, he will potentially be sentenced to up to two years of prison time.
Denny Abrahamsson is living an ordinary life as a senior citizen. His residence is split between Stockholm and Thailand after a long working life — among other things, as a business owner. In his youth, he was a member of the Communist party KPML, but has since not been active in any political parties.
“I used to be liberal, but in my later years I have moved further and further to the right. The liberals have completely lost their way and they have become more conservative, so to speak. I’m noticing that the liberals use censorship a lot more when they are unable to win debates,” Denny tells Samhällsnytt when they reached out to him via phone.
The latter he says he has personal experience with this: in March 2017, many of his comments at the popular Facebook-group “Stand up for Peter Springare” were reported to the police for hate speech.
“The reason as to why I began writing these comments is because I see a danger in Islam, and I see that people are so lost. I want to wake people up, but it is hard.
“A few years ago, I also thought of Islam as any other ordinary religion out there, but ever since I read the Qur’an, I was shocked by the hatred that exists within it, the misogyny, the hatred towards the infidels. The more Islam takes over, the more we compromise. Islam is a totalitarian ideology; with it comes dictatorship. So what I’m trying to say is, our democratic system is in danger.”
The person who reacted to Abrahamsson’s comments notified the police and attached many of his comments in his report. The police, however, only went forward with two of them. Here below follows an extract from the pretrial protocol that shows these two comments that the prosecutor says are related to hate speech:


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