Islam in Germany MUSLIM SETTLERS

Germany: Town of Saxony mulls stopping Muslim settler arrivals due to lack of space in schools, says it has ‘integrated’ enough of them already…….


Knowing what we know about ‘integrating’ Muslims, what’s happened is that they’ve (city government) appeased enough of them already, and the townspeople do not want any more.


It only takes a small minority to affect society for the good, or for the bad.


Town deliberates stopping refugee arrivals, citing lack of school spots

On February 1st, the city council in Freiberg, Saxony, plans to vote on whether or not to ban refugees from moving to the town for the next two years.
The city says it can’t fulfil it’s educational duties to any more children.

“We don’t want to endanger the work done thus far on successful integration,” said mayor of Freiberg, Sven Krüger, a member of the Social Democrats.


“We need a break in order to deal with acute needs,” Krüger added.


A migration ban is possible “in order to avoid social and societal exclusion,” stated the interior ministry in Saxony, adding that this only refers to recognized refugees.


The town, known for its university and mining, believes it is reaching its capacity in terms of refugee integration; on February 1st, the city council will vote on whether or not to issue a moratorium on new refugee arrivals until the end of December 2019.


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