Finland Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish Security Intelligence Service (SUPO) says 370 Islamonazis are being monitored for terrorism……..


Not ‘radical Islam, just Islam…


‘Monitored’? I don’t find that at all reassuring, and no doubt the number is being low-balled as well.


Supo leader to YLE: Around 370 people in Finland being monitored for terrorism – the cause of radical Islam

In Finland, about 370 people are now being monitored for terrorist threats, police chief Antti Pelttari told YLE in Yskyssaam on Saturday.
Suojelupoliisin päällikkö Antti Pelttari.
They are all according to Pelttari following the supposed radical Islamism. For example, the representatives of the far right or left-wing nationals do not belong to this group.

In Sweden, about 3,000 people are now being monitored due to terrorism risk.

– In the other Nordic countries, the situation is more difficult than in Finland. Unfortunately, (tracking) the number of target individuals continues to increase in Finland, says Pelttari.

According to him, the Finns leaving the Islamic ranks in the Middle East have fallen from 12 to 16. According to Pelttari, the “small number” of Westerners who fought in the ranks of the Isis have returned to their home countries so far, even though Isis has lost virtually all of its territory.

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