Afghanistan Islamic terrorism

Afghanistan: Islamonazi Taliban use bomb laden ambulance a vehicle to deliver massive death…….


Islamonazis use vehicle meant for preserving life, for death…


Kabul attack: Taliban kill 63 with ambulance bomb in Afghan capital

A suicide bombing has killed at least 63 people and injured 151 others in the centre of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, officials say.


Attackers drove an ambulance laden with explosives past a police checkpoint into a street that was only open to government workers.


It happened near the old interior ministry building and offices of the European Union and High Peace Council.


The Taliban have said they carried out the attack, the deadliest for months.


A week ago, Taliban militants killed 22 people in a luxury Kabul hotel.


Witnesses say the area – home to foreign embassies and the city’s police headquarters – was crowded with people when the bomb exploded on Saturday at about 12:15 local time (08:45 GMT). Plumes of smoke were seen from around the city.


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