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Twitter: Left-wing verified users not suspended while using same language as Breitbart’s Kassam…….


Twitter-world can be a brutal place, anyone who follows it closely knows fully well what I’m talking about…


What’s being objected to by Breitbart is the fact that Twitter is not applying its rules as stated, but in a highly arbitrary way, those with whom it agrees with, can basically use just about any language, while those it clearly does not agree with can use the exact same language and get suspended.


The 67+ Times Left-Wing, Verified Twitter Users WEREN’T Banned for Using the Same Language as Breitbart’s Kassam

Following Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam’s suspension from Twitter, we decided to find out just how many times verified, anti-Trump, liberal tweeters have got away with using the same language.

Kassam’s offending tweet — according to Twitter — was as follows:

The only presumably offensive part of the tweet is the use of the pejorative “f*cktard”. But upon investigation, Breitbart London found hundreds of examples of use of the word, both directed at ordinary people, and at politicians like President Trump, VP Mike Pence, Congressman Paul Ryan, and others which have gone unpunished by Twitter.


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