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Finnish state broadcaster YLE allows open borders radical SDP (hack) Haatainen to take control of debate, dictates what Laura Huhtasaari can say…….


Unbelievable arrogance in presidential debate: Haatainen urged Huhtasaari to be silent


The Finns presidential candidate, Laura Huhtasaari, in YLE’s last presidential debate, said that cross-border policies would increase terrorism. SDP candidate Tuula Haatainen took the role of sensor in the event and stated that such speech should not be accepted. Yle journalists gave Haatainen the freedom to perform their duties.


Yle’s Jan Andersson first gave Huhtasaari a turn to speak.


– Close the borders, says Huhtasaari. What other way is there to combat terrorism?


Huhtasaari reminded about French Interior Security Director Patrick Calvar’s warning that even in France there is a threat of civil war .


France is according to Huhtasaari an example of a failed immigration policy. Its opposite includes Switzerland, Australia and Japan.


– It’s not by having open borders, giving away the decision-making power, will increase Finland’s international position or our exports. On the contrary, we are a much more attractive country when we undertake a rigorous immigration policy such as Switzerland, we choose carefully who can come here, and after that we insist that we live according to the ways of the country, Huhtamaki said.


Laura Huhtasaari also mentioned Sweden as an example of an unsuccessful immigration policy.


– They don’t have the will to defend Swedish values, and because of that there are shadow societies in which there are those who live according to Sharia law.



Pekka Haavisto: – We have among us those who are from elsewhere, we need to respond to their needs and get them integrated into society. Not this closed-borders policy, which doesn’t affects any of what’s happening here within the country for these people, Haavisto said.


– and open borders policy, it becomes difficult,  there will be more people here who may be terrorists or even other criminals, Huhtasaari started as her response.


“I can not accept such a speech”


“It’s a bad thing to label them as terrorists, this is discriminatory speech,” answered Haavisto.


At this point, Tuula Haatainen intervened in the debate as if she were a debate moderaqtor.


– This is not the right speech now … this must be addressed. I can not accept such speech.


Huhtasaari during Haatainen’s monologue was able to shout out that it’s self-evident that an open-border policy would increase terrorism.


Leena Meri, Chairman of the Finns party Parliamentary Group, immediately took a stand on Facebook.


– Totally unbelievable. During Yle’s presidential debate, Laura highlighted the problems of immigration and the increased threats of terrorism due to the lack of border controls.


Meri wondered how the open-borders Haatainen could require a debate to be stopped and then talk on top of the other, that’s the kind of speech that should be allowed.


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