Finland Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Police University says foreigners (mostly Iraqis) are over represented in rape statistics…….


Making up only 10% of the population, they commit 37% of sex crimes…


Finland’s state broadcaster (Swedish) Yle Nyheter:


The proportion of foreign suspects highest in Sexual crimes – experts answer the question why

The proportion of foreign suspects has fallen in the metropolitan area. Clearly the highest is the proportion of sexual offenses. One third of the foreigners suspected of sexual offenses are Iraqis. Their war background records, according to experts. However, according to a psychologist, there are no major differences between foreign and Finnish perpetrators.


Statistics from the Police College show that the proportion of foreigners among all suspects in the metropolitan area decreased last year. It is therefore about how large a proportion of non-Finnish citizens are in the cases reported to the police and when the police have a suspect.


The crime category where the percentage of foreign suspects is clearly the highest is for sexual offense.


In Espoo, Grankulla, Helsinki, Kyrkslätt and Vantaa, it came to the police’s attention that in 499 cases where the police had a suspected offender. In 184 cases, the suspected foreign citizen was almost 37 percent.



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