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Finland: Helsinki Appeals Court increases neo-Nazi Jesse Torniainen’s sentence to 2 years 3 months for assault at demo……


This piece of human fecal matter (a Leftist-racist) should have gotten an even more stiffer sentence…


When this jackass gets out he’ll be on taxpayer funded subsidies for the rest of his life because, who in their right mind would ever want to hire him?


Appeals court increases sentence, rejects manslaughter charge in neo-Nazi assault case

Helsinki Appeals Court has increased neo-Nazi Jesse Torniainen’s sentence to two years and three months for an assault at a demonstration.


Neo-Nazi Jesse Torniainen’s sentence for a 2016 aggravated assault on a bystander at a demonstration has been increased by Helsinki Appeals Court.


The victim died a week later, but the far-right leader was acquitted of aggravated involuntary manslaughter after the judge ruled his death could not be clearly attributed to Torniainen’s attack.


Prosecutors had sought a six-year jail term in both the original case and the appeal.


Torniainen had run after, confronted and kicked in the chest a man who walked past his flag-waving neo-Nazi demonstrators outside Helsinki Railway station. The victim fell to the ground, struck his head on the pavement and lost consciousness, although he left hospital after treatment before falling ill again six days after the attack.


Torniainen’s far-right group, the Finnish Resistance Movement, has been banned by a court in Tampere that ruled it was a violent and racist organisation.



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