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Finland’s Yle spins ‘racial profiling’ as reason behind their journo ‘Rocket-Bra’ being examined by security and refused entry to Israeli PM’s office…….


As I noted earlier, if any other Arab present in the press pool were included in the event, the narrative currently being spun by Yle would disappear in a puff.



First of all, Aishi Zidan didn’t undergo a ‘strip search’ she was asked to remove her bra, by herself, under her dress (women know how to do that). There must have been a metal signature given and they had to be sure. What’s the purpose of having a security detail in the office of the Prime Minister’s office if it can’t be used to ensure the safety of the PM of Israel? Better put, if a terror organization knew that the PM’s office would not use its own security system to safeguard their elected officials, why wouldn’t they exploit that?


After refusing strip search, Yle journalist barred from Pence-Netanyahu press conference in Israel


An Israel-based NGO attributed the security officials’ treatment of the Finnish journalist to her Palestinian background.


An Yle journalist was refused entry to a press conference on Monday featuring US Vice President Mike Pence and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after refusing a strip search.


The Middle East correspondent, who had been duly accredited to the event, was directed by officials to step behind a curtain in the office of the Israeli PM. Once there, she was questioned, patted down and searched with a metal detector.


Security officials reportedly then asked the woman to remove her bra, which she refused to do. She was then barred from attending the press conference.


The Foreign Press Association in Israel attributed the security officials’ treatment of the Finnish journalist to her Palestinian background. The NGO further condemned local security officials for ethnic profiling.


“We consider the incident to be extremely unfortunate and serious. We do not accept the treatment of reporter in the manner that occurred. Yle has reacted with all the means available, but we will not publicly disclose those measures,” said Yle’s head of world news and current affairs, Elina Ravantti.


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