Sweden: Bosnian immigrant had anti-tank projectiles hidden in basement…….


Multicultural success story, migrant import-export business!


What’s also not mentioned is the background of the perp, more than likely he’s also a Muslim, but since they haven’t released his name, we can’t say he is with 100% certainty. It’s frightening to see how much of what we warned about over the years, has unfortunately come true.


H/T: Peter Sweden:

Stored ammo in basement – prosecuted


A 36-year-old Örebroer will be prosecuted for serious arms crime after he has smuggled armoured anti-tank projectiles into Sweden. The man was first suspected of involvement in extensive arms from Bosnia, something that the prosecutor has not managed to prove.

The 36-year-old has been identified by police officers as the man who has ruled the arms trade in Örebro. He was arrested in connection with an international move against arms, where the police also arrested five men in Bosnia.

The man is suspected of a serious gun crime after the police found armoured anti-tank projectiles, a rifle and ammunition in a basement cache in Örebro.

“Armoured anti-tank projectile is a very powerful weapon that can do a lot of damage, and this means that I will insist on severe punishment,” says prosecutor Jonas Labuschagne of the International prosecutor’s Office.

Smuggled from Bosnia
At the same time he was suspected of smuggling large quantities of weapons to Sweden together with the men in Bosnia. When the police struck, several automatic weapons and 16 hand grenades were seized that were on their way to Sweden.

But according to the prosecutor, the evidence didn’t hold.

That part has been closed because it could not be proven,” says Jonas Labuschagne.

 More here in Swedish

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