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Finnish MTV3’s epic fail: Tries to grill Finns Party presidential candidate Laura Huhtasaari on morning show…….


The MTV3’s David Mac Dougall attempts a ‘hard talk’ interview:


Mac Dougall: Your social media supporters leave racist comments, do you condemn them?


Laura’s responses to his racism charge is that she doesn’t condemn people, she believes in polite discourse. She want’s normal border control which means no to open borders politics which brings with it possibilities of terrorists coming into the country. Finnish people’s safety is paramount, it trumps whatever prior conventions signed on to, which at times are ignored by other member states.


Mac Dougall:“Do you think that immigrants are bad for the country? I’m an immigrant, am I bad for the country? Or are their good and bad immigrants?”


Laura said that she wants an immigration policy which benefits the country. He then launches into a tirade about her lack of experience to which she responds that neither did the current president, but he says ”but I’m talking about you”. Not much of a serious minded interviewer. If a sitting president hadn’t the desired expertise expected for the job, then why is it paramount for her to know the trade minister of S.Korea? His attack on her regarding supposed plagiarism of her university thesis was simply pathetic as well. It’s been thoroughly debunked.



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