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Finland: FM Soini flatly rejects Abbas demand to recognize a ‘Palestinian’ state, “ME peace must be viewed as a whole…….


That was good…


What was nonsense was the insistence that ending funding to the UNRWA is a bad thing. What should have been said is the need to not only end the UNRWA, but also fold the remaining 20 000 actual refugees into the UNHCR, the world’s only international refugee organization which would effectively end the international politicization of these Arabs.


Also, take note of Abbas’ attempted blackmailing of the Finnish FM, ”if you do not fund UNRWA you’re going to get a flood of Arab refugees to Europe”. This is one card you can expect every Arab/Muslim leader to pull each time they demand more of our hard earned money.


Soini rejects Abbas’s request: recognition of the Palestinian state is not timely

According to Soini, the Middle East peace must be viewed as a whole, which would not be solved by the recognition of the Palestinian state.


Finland has no intention of recognizing an independent Palestinian state in the near future despite the Palestinian petitions.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in his visit to Brussels that he hoped that the EU countries would recognize the Palestinian state as soon as possible. According to Abbas, recognition would be an encouraging sign for the Palestinians that a peace agreement can be reached.


– I do not think there are any quick solutions, Foreign Minister Timo Soini (son) said on Finland’s position on the recognition of Palestine. He attended a working lunch of EU foreign ministers in Brussels to which Abbas was invited to share his views.


Nine EU countries have recognized the Palestinian state. Among them is Finland’s neighboring country, which decided on recognition in 2014. Slovenian Foreign Minister announced at the meeting that Slovenia will also recognize Palestine .


“This is not a solution”


According to Soini, recognition alone would not solve the problem itself. The peace process in the Middle East can go ahead with a multilateral solution that includes recognition, settlements and Jerusalem’s status as the capital of both states.


– As nice as it is that someone recognizes someone or someone does not recognize it, this is not the case. You have to get such a process at a time that everyone is committed to, “Soini said.


Waiting for recognition, the Palestinian leadership hopes that the EU will intensify its relations with Palestine. Some Member States are in favor of negotiating an association agreement with the Palestinians, but no political decisions were taken at Monday’s meeting. The possibilities of the contract are dealt with at the level of the civil service.


Instead of large-scale recognition or cooperation agreement, Abbas had to settle for assurances that the EU would continue to support a two-state model where Jerusalem is the capital of both states.


Care for UNRWA funding


The EU also pledged to continue supporting UNRWA, a UN Palestinian refugee refugee who suffers from a shortage of US frozen most of its funding to the organization last week. According to Soini, cutting UNRWA’s funding is a big problem.


– It immediately affects millions of people’s livelihoods and well-being. It can have far-reaching and fast consequences, Soini said.


UNRWA carries out about six million Palestinian refugees and their descendants in the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Abbas said at a meeting with Soini that if these people’s health care and learning opportunities are neglected, there may be a rise in the number of terrorism and refugees to Europe.



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