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NER: Keeping the tribute to Fusilier Lee Rigby alive……


It was taken down, but they put it straight back up like they should have. Good on them.


Keeping the tribute to Fusilier Lee Rigby alive

From the Sun on Thursday

A MEMORIAL to murdered soldier Lee Rigby has been taken down for looking “unsightly”. The shrine was set up outside the Royal Artillery barracks where Lee, 25, was killed in Woolwich, South East London. St George’s and Union Jack flags along with banners and wreaths with heartfelt messages were tied to railings in tribute to Fusilier Rigby. But Greenwich council stepped into remove the unofficial memorial yesterday following complaints from residents.


But the decision has been slammed by some locals. Keith Bowels, 54, said: “It’s absolutely disgraceful. When it first happened the council were talking about doing a memorial but now they have brushed it under the carpet. Lee Rigby fought for our country, he was walking along the road minding his own business and then they attacked him. The least he deserves is a permanent memorial, it should never have been taken down.”


Patricia Thatcher blasted: “It’s disgusting they should replace the flags.”


Another fumed: “Wrong on many levels. You show so much contempt to the British people. Disgraceful. Have you no shame? Maybe all memorials should be removed, if that’s your stance.”


Great minds thought alike and tributes started to reappear on Friday. One of the first people to attend was Tommy Robinson and his cousin Kev Carroll.



More flags, banners and flowers came during Saturday, including a visit of Kent Division of the EDL.  And by the time the group of which I was a part, consisting of individuals, local residents and members of various patriotic groups reached the railings in Wellington Street they were a blaze of colour, despite the sleet turning to snow and the bitter wind.



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