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Finns candidate Laura Huhtasaari most favored candidate in ‘election compass’……


A voting compass supposedly shows you how close your own views align with candidates running for election.


Laura Huhtasaari is the most favored candidate in Iltalehti election compass – Niinistö remained a close second

Huhtasaari was the most favored candidate with only a 78 vote difference from Niinistö.


Lauantaina Iltalehti seurasi valitsijayhdistyksen ehdokkaan Sauli Niinistön kampanjointia Keravalla ja Järvenpäässä. Kuvassa Niinistö tervehtii kokoomuksen kampanjaporukkaa Keravan Prisman edessä.


According to Alma Media’s Gallup poll released on Thursday, presidential candidate Laura Huhtasaari, is fourth out of six candidates in the presidential election, but Huhtasaari has collected even more support in the election compass than the sitting President, Sauli Niinistö.


It has already been reported that Huhtasaari has collected most of the recommendations in Uutissuomalainen and MTV election (TT:compass) machines.


It has now become clear that Huhtasaari is also the most recommended candidate for the Iltalehti presidential election machine – the difference with the electoral commission’s presidential candidate, Niinistö, is still extremely thin.


28,4% of the users of the Iltalehti electoral machine during the period considered, 28 December to 21 January would nominate either Huhtasaari or Niinistö.


Huhtasaari was nominated for 37,495 electoral machines when Niinistö was nominated for 37 417 users – the difference between Huhtasaari and Niinistö was therefore only 78 votes.


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