Ahmadiyya Buffoonery Islam in Australia

Australia: Non-Muslims have more wool pulled over their eyes, children from heretical Ahmadiyya sect sing the praises of Aussie home…….


Ahmadi stooges, who are persecuted or killed as heretic non-Muslims when amongst Muslims, try to fool ignorant Australia into thinking Islam is harmless. Contemptible.


Knowledgeable people on Islam will tell you that there is only one Islam, and it is what it is. Those who read the koran in the correct (chronological) way, with a healthy understanding of the koranic doctrine of abrogation, will tell you that the Meccan period was superseded by the Medina period. We can’t be faulted for following the logical conclusions of those facts.


The Ahmadiyya community, as Basima Faysal correctly states, are persecuted by the overwhelming majority of Sunni (and Shiia) Islam as heretics. The most accurate comparison would be the rejection of the Mormon Church /Jehovah Witnesses by the overwhelming majority of Christianity as heretical sects. The only reason why they’re no longer persecuted in the West is that they reside within the pluralistic, human society of the US (and elsewhere), and that the Catholic Church has undergone a reformation. There has also been a ‘trickle down’ from the Holy See’s own reformation to other Protestant denominations as well.


No Christian has a mandate from the Creator to persecute the heretic or non-believer. Islam does. The Ahmadiyya community only offers the majority non-Muslim society a panacea in the form of a placebo, and with disastrous results.


Muslim children sing the praises of Aussie home

Grant Taylor
Saturday, 20 January 2018 8:00PM

Their voices may be soft, but children from Perth’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community are hoping their message will come through loud and clear on Australia Day.


The youngsters will be centre stage at the City of Cockburn’s citizenship ceremony at Coogee beach on Friday, proudly performing Australia’s unofficial national anthem, I am Australian.


According to the community’s Imam, Kamran Tahir, the performance will be deeply personal for many of the children’s parents who had escaped hardship overseas and were extremely grateful to Australia for opening its arms to them.


“Many a time we get told that we Muslims are not loyal to our country and that we don’t believe in democracy or assimilate or whatever, but that is absolutely false,” Imam Tahir said.


“We take great pride in saying that we are as Australian as anybody else and we are very proud and loyal to our country.”


Shattering stereotypes about Muslims is something the 27-year-old British-born Imam has been working hard to do since he arrived in Perth just under a year ago. He runs several campaigns including the Coffee with a Muslim program, which invites those with concerns about Islam to sit down and discuss them face-to-face.


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