Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands

Dutch video/photo sharing website crosses line, mocks murdered Jewish girl Ann Frank with pun t-shirt slogan…….


Way, way over the line…


If they really want to be ‘cutting edge’, provocative, dare to pun Mohmed…


Tasteless joke about Anne Frank


AMSTERDAM – Dumpert is known for content that is ‘politically incorrect’ and ‘on the edge’, but this goes a step too far. On Saturday, a picture of Anne Frank was put online. She wears a sweater with the text: ‘coolest Jew in the shower room’.


The text is a reference to the riot around the H & M. The clothing chain came under fire because of the photo of a child that H & M had placed on the website. The dark boy wears a sweater with the text: coolest monkey in the jungle.


The mother of the boy who was central to the racism riot around fashion chain H & M, thinks all the fuss about her son’s sweater is exaggerated. “Continue with your life”, according to the woman.


Reaguurders on the famous website Dumpert react massively under the picture. “Personally, I love the edge. This goes over it. Shameless. “Another calls it” under the belt. ”

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