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LOL!: HelsinginSanomat correspondent Laura Saarikoski blames ‘redistricting’ for current US government shutdown……


HelsinginSanomat’s Laura Saarikoski dishes out a real beaut concerning the recent Democrat initiated (Schumer) shutdown of the US government.


It’s not the Democrats wanting to force the Republican led government to approve the legalization of over 800 000 illegal migrants (and by default their relatives bringing the total number to 3.6 million). No it can’t be that. According to the intrepid ink slinger, it’s due to ‘redistricting’, which according to the Washington Post: “is the legally required process that occurs every 10 years in which districts for the U.S. House and state legislatures are redrawn.”


You see, Laura has it all figured out, it’s ‘redistricting’, not socialist/statist driven ideology vs. constitutional republic governance based upon Enlightenment philosophy that’s created an intractable impasse between constitutionalists and the ‘progressives’.


There is a constituency split behind the US stalemate

The drifting of the US parties to a distance one from each other led to the state administration having put a lock on the door, writes the HS’s US correspondent Laura Saarikoski.
When the dominant party gets to draw its constituencies every ten years, it draws an inexpensive map for itself. It therefore ensures the majority of the party in as many constituencies as possible.
This will result in the district’s sure winner will always coming from his own party. But it also leads to the winner not having to take into account the opinions of another party voters anymore. HS


That’s the nub of her story on last night’s Democrat initiated shutdown, redistricting is the source of all the problems facing US governance. Both parties are radicalized due to listening only to their constituencies, not to each other. Well genius, what happens when one party (the Dems) no longer believes in the ideals of the country, it’s founding document. What happens when one party (the Dems) controls almost all the levers of the federal government, whether it’s in government, or in opposition through the 4th (un-elected and therefore unconstitutional) branch of government, the bureaucracy?


You can’t have a constitutional republic along side a highly centralized federal government for long, they’re diametrically opposed to each other, one has to give. That’s the state of affairs in the US today, the battle for keeping a republic or going the way of Europe, towards a social(ist) democracy. A good sized portion of the Republican base do not want the latter, a healthy portion of traditional Democrat voters (who voted for Trump) do not want give up on their republic as well, but the overwhelming majority of Democrat politicians do.


That’s the reason why Democrats are so hell bent on not only delivering amnesty to Daca migrants, but importing as much of them (new Democrat constituency) as they can in the future in order to change red states to purple, then to blue. If it were Republican voting migrants in question, the Democrats would be sounding the alarm much in the same way as their counterparts are now.


So no Laura, it’s not ‘redistricting’ the cause of the rift between Republicans and Democrats, it’s the Left’s (progressives/utopian statists) attack on the very heart and soul of the republic and it’s founding documents, that is source of all the troubles. I thought she won an award for her journalism, the photo of her must be photoshopped.

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